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Space Weirdo is a scientific rock / aggressive Canterbury / freak pop / infantile electronica band based in Madrid, Spain. It was accidentally founded by Germán Ponte and Pablo Chávarri in 2005, when they released a CD with no malice aforethought and discovered that people expected something to happen.


Originally conceived as a two-man, studio-only project, positive reception induced us to play live. Heroes like A. Santos, J. Lorán and A. Iglesias answered the first call to form a rock band. Mr. Santos also became a permanent fixture in our positronic set (trio). Currently, Héctor García & Samuel Martín complement the rock set.

HEALTH FIRST!: This music may have unpredictable effects on your neural patterns. Please disconnect all cognitive functions before listening.

Germán Ponte

The computer guy, the sci-fi nut, the inept keyboardist, the misanthropic dilettante.

When the X-gene and the mutant super-powers failed to make an appearance, G. P. was forced to abandon his dreams of world domination and began to pursue artistic endeavours, soon becoming the best pro on the field of Starting Shit Up & Quitting Halfway Through. Compulsive reader, film buff, half-decent (if verbose) writer, and full-time smart ass, he loves to compose and produce music even when it means interaction with other people.

Pablo Chávarri

The guitar man, the virtuoso, the raving lunatic, the hunter for originality.

Born with a mental disorder that defies diagnosis, P. C. sought treatment in that asylum for incurable freaks known as the Guitar Craft, where his arpeggios, already dangerous for the middle ear ossicles, became incendiary due to the friction of his picking technique, whose relativistic speed showed that Einstein's theories were full of baloney. However, a childish sense of humor made him excel both his peers and his masters.

Alberto Santos

The instrumentalist, the monosyllabic critic, the music encyclopedia, the afro.

The compleat musician in a concentrated capsule —listener, composer, player, DJ, collector, walking database— A. S. works with 12 bands simultaneously and still finds the time to tame his fluffy curls. Easy to interest in exciting projects and quick to bore if unchallenged, he has an eloquent array of minimalistic facial expressions to avoid speech at all costs. He may like it or he may not, but will you ever know?

REMEMBER: They're mostly harmless without microphones and show a positive reaction to flattery. If you need to stall them, BUY THEM DRINKS.


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Bands of brothers

Here you'll find pointers to music bands that will help your brain to trascend that bone container called cranium. Interesting music made by talented people for discerning listeners such as yourself.

Charles Lavaigne

This is folk/rock as you remember it from the good old days: daring, ecclectic and powerful. Charles Lavaigne is a kind Dominican that turns into a beast on the stage. His passion is only matched by his skill and intuition; he sings and plays guitar like there's no tomorrow. All his songs are reminiscent of music that your brain identifies as "vaguely familiar" and "extremely good". He has no fear of mixing styles or letting a theme develop. A mind bending experience.


Photo by Iaia Cocoi.

Looking for TAX DEDUCTIBLE philanthropic causes?
Look no more. Sponsor


Keeping cute felines away from ruthless scientists since 2001.


Here they come armed with Casiotones, acoustic and electric guitars, toys and a minimal yet brawny drum set, ready to indulge in Cosmic Coktail, Hard Folk, urban lullabies and the most energetic dance music, going from Brazilian warmth to Mediterranean winters, singing in six modern languages and a dead one too. If you think their albums are good, wait till you see them on stage.

Official website:

Photo by Javier de Agustín.

Don't put up with any uncertainty nonsense. Get


and keep the buggers on the straight and narrow at measurable speeds.


These two gifted fellows —based in the Balearic tranquility of Menorca Island— work in a steady yet unhurried fashion to bring pop illumination to their ever growing fan base. Preprogrammed beats keep up a balancing act with deceptively simple bass and guitar lines, all of which provides an elegant backdrop for powerful melodies and astute voice games. Lovable compositions with a dash of subtle humour, haunted by the ghost of rock music —always keen on their tracks.

Myspace page:

Photo by Germán Ponte.


Virtuoso rock and funk music with an extremely silly sense of humor and pop culture references galore. They're good, they're funny, they're well read. And they'll blast through your eardrums with such force that you'll believe in metal once again.


Photo by unknown.


In a time of musical uncertainty, Latigazo, Azote & Bofetón (Lash, Smack & Slap) use their mysterious mellisonant powers —Terpsichoreal prancing, chamber gags, concrete humour and avant-garde bossa— to fight the forces of stagnant standardization. They take you to a dimension where laughter and demystification infect your body like a benign yet relentless virus. L.A.B. opens a majestically canorous sphere with the aid of musical quotations, satires, plagiaristic tributes and even original compositions; a wide space where the Theatre of the Absurd, the Napolitan song, experimental ballet, regional folk and Hawaii (of all places) coexist in unprecedented harmony.


Photo by Anonymous.

Delambre/Brundle Law: Before you jump, make sure that your Origin and Destination cabinets have a valid fumigation certificate.

Me Dais Poca

Me Dais Poca (Ultra Cool Anarchy Music since 1999) have a great deal to tell to the world, starting with a good telling off. Their compositions are inspired by the everyday intricacies of a society plummeting into a bizarre oblivion of abuse, avarice and outward appearances. Lyrics of devastating humour are supported by electronic beats, a bass solid as a Roman Cathedral and a choice selection of punk metal spiced with the most ridiculous synthetiser sounds and blips that ever set foot inside your ears. Great hymns for the 21st century Western urbanite.

Official website:

Photo by Me Dais Poca.

Split atoms for fun and become Death, the destroyer of worlds!

Mi Animal

Masters of dark pop with a touch of noisy psychedelic rock, Mi Animal (Electro Narcotic Sound Rock)…

"… sings in Spanish to the minds of a society intoxicated by stress, technology and TV… "

… a remarkable feat achieved through lyrics of elegant surrealism and frontier music of blunt intensity. If "narcotic" means "inducing stupor or mental lethargy", the accuracy of their tag line comes into question, but we'll settle for "hallucinogenic" and leave it at that.

Official website:

Photo by Sol Salcedo.

Orquesta Pinha

In a world mad about originality, the old may very well become the brand-new. With the Orquesta Pinha it's impossible to go wrong. They feature acoustic instrumentation, original compositions that range from kind jazz to Parisian folklore and such precise performance as to seem casual and effortless. Their concerts have a knack for painting a smile on every member of the audience. So it looks like they'll never explore undiscovered musical countries and push the boundaries of what's already known? Thank goodness for that!


Photo by Anonymous.


T.e.P. goes to the root of the rhythm section and multiplies it by a thousand, creating a comfortable sonic dwelling with frequencies normally reserved for earthquakes. Working with such stuff as foundations are made on —three basses and drums—, T.e.P. builds skyscrapers that tower over everyday matter and reach into the world of inspiring ideas, where subtlety reigns over density and all labels run away in terror.

Bandcamp page:

Photo by Lucía Ybarra.


Aliens are... TOUGH LITTLE S.O.B.
Squids are... TALKATIVE.
Little Green Men are... ELUSIVE.
E.T. has been... MISPLACED.
Vulcans are... FINGER-GLUED.