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Dive into the nucleus

This is the way the Weird world begins, the Big Clang, the Big Twang. Here are the brains of the operation, the creative core, the kernel. Here are the makers in all their photographic glory. Photo by Marcos Prack.

Germán Ponte

Composer, song writer, producer, mixing & mastering engineer, keyboardist and singer. He's written music for films, TV ads and video games, and also works as a translator.

Self portraits.

Confused by math? Befuddled by physics? Thinking "chemistry" is a japanese pop band?


Bring your brains. Meet our electrodes.

Pablo Chávarri

Composer, song writer and stupendous guitarist who has played with many orchestras and bands that seldom deserve such a treat.

Selected musical career:

  • Sopas del Mundo.
  • Laberinto.
  • Muzik.
  • Sr Misly.
  • Onion.

Photo by Marcos Prack.

Ignore any Last Will & Testament instructions from your recently disappeared friend, the eccentric scientist.

Eppur si muove

Close to the core there's a planetary system, celestial bodies that revolve around a radiating center and make life possible. These are the people that show up when you need someone to step up. Photo by G.P.

Alberto Santos

A compulsive composer and musician, who plays guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and also sings with a vengeance.

Selected musical career:

  • L.A.B.
  • Ego Kitchen.
  • White Gomes.
  • Brunetka & The Crazy Whores.
  • Watch TV and The Primetimes.
  • Orgásmical.
  • Motherglue.
  • Arena 69.

Bandcamp: Ego Kitchen

Photo by Francesca Sorrentino.

Samuel Martín

Solid drummer of extraordinary skill, incurable Casanova and current member of our rock set. He's been kind enough to record several drum tracks for our album Press Start.

Selected musical career:

  • GN3.
  • The Muffin Band.
  • Lukas.
  • Trópico Ibérico.
  • El Cobrador del Funk.
  • Charles Lavaigne.
  • T.e.P.

Photo by Lucía Ybarra.

for troubled quanta.

Don't know where you are, where you're going or how fast you're getting there? Let us help!

Héctor "Miga" García

Bass player, song writer, singer, mixing and mastering engineer, and current member of our rock set. He lent us his studio to record a few drum tracks for Press Start.

Selected musical career:

  • GN3.
  • T.e.P.
  • Zoobazar.
  • Lukas.
  • Playskull.
  • Gordo Solar.
  • Members of Parliament.

Photo by Lucía Ybarra.

Drive well below realtivistic speeds to avoid any unwanted mass gain.

Antonio Iglesias

Song writer, producer, singer, guitar player and drummer extraordinaire. He's recorded a few drums for us, he always has a lot to say about the proper volume of the kick drum in mixes and he helped to bring Space Weirdo to the stage as a member of the first rock set.

Selected musical career:

  • Sopas del Mundo.
  • Dwomo.
  • Parmensans.
  • Orgásmical.
  • El Gran Miércoles.
  • Venus
  • Gilbertástico.
  • Malarians.

Photo by Marcos Prack.

Jorge Lorán

Song writer, producer, guitar & bass player, drummer, singer, loyal friend. He recorded a few bass tracks for Automata and helped us to go live as a member of the first rock set.

Selected musical career:

  • Slurp.
  • Dwomo.
  • Orgásmical.
  • Venus.
  • Mono 33.
  • Spectrum/Fabiani.
  • Parmensans.
  • Los Pataconas.
  • El Gran Miércoles.
  • Gilbertástico.

Photo by G.P.

Eva Kirschner

Beautiful on the outside, generous on the inside, Eva —singer, song writer, photographer, camera operator and video editing engineer— has always shown much collaborative enthusiasm, providing backing vocals both in the studio and on the stage and showing up with a camera whenever it's needed.

Photo by: unknown.

Do you see lights in the sky flying with unnatural speed?
Feeling that something momentous is about to happen?
Visions of unknown places keep you awake at night?
Relatives thinking you're going postal?

You are not alone.

Because we know the truth.

Celia Marqués

A soothing voice for the soul. Actress, singer, English major, teacher and communication coach. She's recorded vocals in Cosmonaut and has performed with us several times, adding her own particular brand of optimism and awesomeness to the mix.

Photo by Amaya Mollá.

welcomes all to the annual
AREA 51 Hard-Landing Extravaganza!

Men should wear black. Cute alien suits will be available for petite females and children.

Close encounters of the third kind possible but not guaranteed (pack a change of clothes just in case!)

Welcome to the other side

Behind the music and beyond the stage, there are constellations of people —good friends, collaborators and supporters— that seem to rowle spaces incomprehensible. Our gratitude to them knows no limit.

Moloko Sound Club: a home away from home. Photo by Pilar Iglesias.

Carlos de la Hoz

Beloved illustrator of Cosmonaut and Automata. Painter, photographer (strictly non-digital), film director, voice actor, eternal child. He loves working with his hands and has the most outlandish ideas, on the general principle that reality is never an obstacle but an inspiration.

Photo by G.P.

Involuntary teleporters are in constant danger of public nudity and must register as potential sex offenders.

Marcos Prack

Graphic designer, photographer, video artist. He helped with the graphic design of Press Start and has taken photographs at a few of our gigs.

Photo by Marcos Prack.

Please wear nice clothes at all times.

Santos Neri

Keen observer of social absurdities. Song writer, singer, guitar & keyboard player, sound engineer and leader of the electro-punk band Me Dais Poca (Ultra Cool Anarchy Music since 1999.) He made us sound good during our first steps on stage.

Photo by Pilar Iglesias.

Alien transmissions may be hazardous to your credibility.

Amaya Mollá

Historian, web developer, 3D artist, cartoonist, polyglot. Amaya has helped us to write lyrics both in French and German, and she's drawn a few sketches and cartoons for us. She's an asiduous member of our audience and has taken many photographs to prove it.

Photo by G.P.

DON'T BE AN IDIOT. It's hard, but it's worth it.

Foncho Rodríguez

A good friend and bass player who lends us our favorite instrument (Gibson "The Ripper") and has designed a couple of posters for our concerts. He works as location manager and assistant producer in film and advertising.

Selected musical career:

  • Arena 69.
  • Tacatá.
  • Super Salivazos Eléctricos.
  • Motherglue.
  • T.e.P.

Photo by Lucía Ybarra.

Famous explorer Bill "Roast" Johnson says:
"Shooting my laser rifle in a methane-rich atmosphere seemed like a good idea at the moment."

Álex Cid

Composer, producer, DJ and sax player who likes to mix jazz and electronic music. He's recorded a few tracks for our album Press Start, which proves that he doesn't recoil from a challenge, no matter how silly it may be.

Selected musical career:

  • OutroJazz.
  • Watch TV and the Primetimes.
  • Camello de Troya.
  • The Soul Commanders.

Photo by: unknown.

If you happen to kill Hitler:

A. Open Failsafe Kit 03.
B. Wear the little moustache.
C. Follow included instructions to conquer Europe.

Nidal Kateb

Piano and keyboard player who works as a telecom engineer and has collaborated with many lucky bands, including ours. He provided some piano credibility to the song Dinosaurs, included in our album Press Start.

Selected musical career:

  • Sopas del Mundo.
  • Dwomo.
  • Fidewá.
  • Motherglue.

Photo by: unknown.

Avoid entering and/or using mysteriously abandoned alien spacecrafts or facilities. Dollars to donuts you end up as sausages.

Rafael Merino

Versatile musician and composer whose pitch could break glass were it not for the fact that he's a softie. He's recorded some backing vocals for our album Press Start.

Selected musical career:

  • Motherglue.
  • Corporate Sound.
  • Payola Victims.
  • Abuelas Fumadoras.
  • Flux Nouveau.

Photo by G.P.

Catchy tunes at the forefront of your thoughts will be considered suspicious and may constitute grounds for mental demolition.

The time evolution of physical processes

So, when all these fine fellows get in motion, it usually involves some stage action and a lot of disturbed air molecules.

28 May 2010 at the Siroco. Photo by Amaya Mollá.

Debut - 25 Mar 2008 at the Julio Cortázar Cultural Centre. Photo by José Luis Masmano.

07 Apr 2008 at the Moby Dick Club. Photo by Amaya Mollá.

Girls rule - 07 Apr 2008 at the Moby Dick Club. Photo by Amaya Mollá.

Constipation, blank mind, narcolepsy - 26 Jun 2008 at the Gruta 77. Photo by Amaya Mollá.

The sound of one spectator clapping - 30 Apr 2009 at the Gruta 77. Photo by Marcos Prack.

Too much exposure? - 05 Dec 2009 at La Faena. Photo by Amaya Mollá.

Are we having some fun yet? - 17 Dec 2011 at the Costello. Photo by Amaya Mollá.

New members - 12 Mar 2015 at El Intruso Bar. Photo by Amaya Mollá.

Dearly beloved - 01 Jul 2015 at El Juglar. Photo by Alberto Gómez.

This is Schrödinger's box number two

Where kittens pass the time sorting a bunch of random photographs. Photo by Pablo Chávarri.

The drums session. Germán and Samuel listen to the latest recording with profound concentration (i.e., staring idiotically at the screen). Photo by Pablo Chávarri.

Smile in the face of adversity. Pilar Iglesias kindly agreed to manage the CD stand the night when nobody bought one. Photo by Amaya Mollá.

Automata presentation, at the Moloko Sound Club. L to R, Rafael Merino, Nidal Kateb & Santos Neri. Photo by Pilar Iglesias.

The drums session. Héctor Rodríguez at the controls. Photo by Pablo Chávarri.

Drawing James. Carlos de la Hoz gives form to James Mk II, the robot mascot of Automata. Photo by G.P.

Rehearsing at home. Pablo and Alberto go over a song. Photo by G.P.